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High quality, environmentally friendly, lubricant products.

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Biodegradable with higher flash points and resists thinning at high temperatures.

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Marine industry

The Marine sector offers a wide variety of operational challenges but none more so than that of Environmental Protection and risk reduction during operations. Lubitec have recognised this and acting in a manner to best Protect the Environment, Reduce operators risk and Promote the use of Bio based Lubricants and Oils.

All of the products offered by Lubitec are compliant to the rigorous legislation laid down by USA and EU governing bodies. Lubitec products are certified EALs and a such meet VGP, OSPAR and HOCNF requirements.

Subsea industry

Subsea operations are some of the most demanding tasks encountered by operators and as such these require the most technically advanced Lubricants available in today’s markets.

Here at Lubitec we are proud to offer world leading Approved Hydraulic fluids and Greases that surpass the most stringent certification and user requirements. From ROV interventions to Completions and Drilling Lubitec have products that not only works but minimizes environmental damage and reduce costly penalties to the operators.

Lifting industry

The world of Heavy lifting and hydraulic platforms delivers a set of challenges to overcome, along with the ever increase demands for Environmental protection, operators also have to consider their working environment’s. When operating crane equipment one of the most common issues is splatter of the lubricants onto the cab Screens and surrounding building and surfaces. Lubitec have addressed this by introducing Nereus!  A low viscosity oil that readily absorbs into the cable offer protection, Anti corrosion and increased Lubricity whilst removing the risk of Grease splatter surface droplets.

By using the DFS-01 Lubricator this is a perfect solution for all Crane owners and  Operators, We also offer a full range of Bio Based Hydraulic fluids for use on All Plant and lifting equipment.

All environmentally acceptable lubricants have to be formulated to ensure that any impact to the environment is significantly reduced when compared to standard lubricants.

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